Britain’s social care system is void of accountability and rife with neglect, leaving thousands of vulnerable people at risk of abuse right across the country. 

Our nationwide, citizen-powered watchdog will expose the injustices and criminality within the care system, hold those in power to account, and will catalyse a wider behavioural shift in the way we think about vulnerable people in the UK. 


General Public Questionnaire

A place for families and members of the general public to raise their concerns and share their experience.

Industry Whistleblower Questionnaire

A place for industry professionals to share their experiences and raise their concerns.



We need to uncover what is really going on across the system that is supposed to be caring and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. We know that the most powerful way to blow the lid is to collect irrefutable data to evidence how bad things have become and show where change needs to happen.

By sharing your care home experience with us your story is broken down into data that we can use to fight for change. Your story will join our own personal stories and those of a growing number of families who have fought for their loved ones in care homes.  

We will ask for your email address in the first questionnaire and  in providing this  you become a member of The People's Care Watchdog. This means that as we gather more stories, we can update you on how the data collection is going and what it is showing us about how the system needs to change. You will be invited to comment on and be involved in helping to shape the direction we’re going in..This is how we will grow into a powerful citizen-led campaign!  

Thank you for sharing your story. We know how draining it can be to relive what for many has felt like a never ending battle but this time you’ve got people who are listening. Together our voices will be heard.



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