Empowering families in the care system

The People's Care Watchdog was created by families for families and other concerned citizens.

We initially came together to support one another in navigating the care system during lockdown.

Now, we have developed into a citizen-led campaign, starting to gather evidence of where the care system has been failing for decades so that we can bring this to the attention of society.

We are fighting to stop the neglect and abuse of our most vulnerable citizens; to show people how the system can and should be held accountable; and how we can all help to shape the changes that are so desperately needed.

Our aims

We aim to:

- show the public what is really going on in and around the care home system

- hold those responsible for neglect and abuse to account

- empower all concerned citizens to challenge failures in the care system, individually and together

- fight for new systems of care that serve and protect our most vulnerable citizens

-create a societal shift in the way we view our most vulnerable citizens

- present citizen led solutions that effectively address the failures of the current system


Meet The Team