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Care Home Stories
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Care Home Stories

If you think your loved one was subjected to a protocol that hastened their death without consent or caused unnecessary suffering to them and you, you can find more information on our page Unlawful End of Life Protocols. 

There is a form below to submit your own experience and help us gather a picture of how widespread these protocols are.
We would ask that you please don't name individuals, care homes or hospitals. 
Providing your email is optional but will allow us to contact you and verify details which gives us more evidence to stop this distressing practice. We will never share your email and it wont appear on your story.

By sharing your story you are agreeing for it to be published on our website.

You can withdraw this consent at any time.  

We know some people find it traumatic to relive these experiences, so if you need support please come over to our Facebook People's Care Watchdog Support Group by clicking on the icon

End of Life Experiences


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