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Development of a Model for Dementia Care Delivery at Home & in Care Homes

Despite dementia being a difficult, frightening disease, there is not yet any established national model of care delivery for dementia patients at home or in care homes.

The People’s Care Watchdog is uniquely placed to develop such a model for both care at home and care homes. We have learned directly what does and doesn’t make things easier for our loved ones. We have learned to compassionately and practically understand their needs in a way that makes life much less frightening for them. We are also in touch with dementia specialists who have had great success in slowing down the process of dementia and even in some very early stages, stopping it in its tracks.

We also understand the importance of recognising and working with the fact that people with advanced dementia are dying and what that is like for them and their families as the stages progress. We understand from first-hand experience the kind of end of life care and support individuals with dementia and their families need.

We therefore plan to use the wealth of experience our families have to create a powerful, practical resource for families caring at home and for care home providers. This would show how to meaningfully assess, plan care and review people’s changing needs.

With this project funded in advance, we would be able to offer this resource to families and care providers across the country free of charge.

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