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Blackburn - Whistleblower

Our Blackburn Care Home wasn’t affected by the virus for two years in the height of the pandemic.

We were proud of our record and still managed to keep an area for visitors to come throughout this period.

Blackburn was the epicentre of the pandemic in the country.

We were told it was to be a total lock down. We had two residents who were end of life, there was absolutely no question of us not allowing families in to say goodbye. We had a staff member whistle-blower who reported us raising a safeguarding.

Then a married couple who refused the vaccine. They were bullied so much by a DN they moved from our Blackpool Care Home to the Blackburn Care Home to get away from her. They stayed there for a few months but missed going out for walks on the Prom so they moved back to Blackpool. The DN heard they were back and started back with her campaign to get them vaccinated. The police were sent to the door saying they were now missing persons accusing us of ordering medication when they weren’t here. A female officer telling the team you can tell your boss if she thinks this is over she can think again she’s only digging a bigger hole for herself. We finally changed DRs but she made it even more untenable for them to stay with that Dr. They were involving the police from Blackpool because she refused a DOLS on her husband. She was awaiting the POA for Health and Welfare she applied for months ago.

I have a letter of apology from the Council as one individual tried to malign my character sending an email out to four others, who had never met me, saying I was a difficult person to deal with and she’s not aware of safeguarding against me. Telling them to stop the payments to my Blackburn Care Home, inferring I was to be shut down. I got my apology but not one other funded person has been sent into my Care Home since. All this for protecting the human rights of my residents

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