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Blackpool - Whistleblower

My Blackpool Care Home was virus free until Feb 2021, when a DN came in the building to administer insulin to two residents and check blanched areas on two others who had returned from hospital.

We tested regularly with PCR tests and LFT. All residents and staff had already tested negative that morning from the day before. We tend to get visitors at the weekends and after working hours. The only person who came through our door for the two days either side was that DN.

The 4 residents she came to attend to all tested positive for covid the day after she had been, no one else walked through our door. Two died within three days of catching it, one had already had covid long before he came in to my Care Home, he wasn’t as badly affected as the ladies and survived.

Another lady had been sitting with one of them after the visit tested positive for covid and the family tried to blame us when they heard she had flatly refused the vaccine saying if they had been told she hadn’t agreed to it they would of talked her round. Not a good position to be in as this lady emphatically stated she wasn’t having it with a very loud expletive telling them where to go.

The council were trying to apportion blame to us for those who refused the vaccine, those DNs who came to administer the vaccine put in ten safeguarding's against my Care Home saying these people who refused it didn’t have capacity to make that decision.

The team were incensed as all but two had full capacity. I have recordings from the family members where they state countless advocates contacted them to infer I was the influence on all of them as an alternative therapist to dissuade them from having it. I wasn’t even in the building at the time they came to administer this. The lady who’s family were saying if she had the vaccine she wouldn’t of died of covid. The coroner had done an autopsy, she never had covid in the first place, not for 28 days before either.

All the families refuted the DNs accusations that their loved ones didn’t have capacity, so they had to drop most of the safeguarding's but because two families were annoyed they didn’t have the vaccine they held them against us, they never got Covid either.

You can’t make up some of the nonsense we have had to deal with. One chap said he was told his neighbour shouldn’t of had the vaccine at all, her choice, saying both he and her solicitor had the conversation with them saying under no circumstances was she to have it. The social workers ( this conversation is recorded ) and numerous other advocates inferred I personally was at fault. I contacted the solicitor she informed me no such conversation took place the only discussion that took place was about a DNACPR . She told me as her POA for H&W and being a solicitor she was having great difficulty agreeing to this. This lady had 2 vaccines and died of covid . Seemingly from a number of conversations I have had with family members it was clear the DNs Social Workers Adult Social Care and CQC were directing the line of questioning towards blaming me and my Care Home! for what exactly??? When we followed policy and procedures to the letter, maybe wishful thinking on their part as they tried their best to find anything they could to close my home.

An ex staff member deleted files and did a whistle-blower to the CQC who came the very next day and even though they had witnessed everything was in place only a few months before, they marked us from good to requires improvement. The council removed our contract to take funded residents in my Care. Home. My team said for someone to start working for such a short period of time, then quit when the CQC come in ( he instigated the visit ) my team believe he was a plant as his track record before coming to us, he bragged about instigating the closure of the previous home he worked for and reported the one before that countless times ( his homes take the pressure off the council with challenging residents) so they wouldn’t of closed his homes.

There are some strange people out there along with all the injustice of the pandemic, be careful out there, stick your head above the parapet to protect your residents human rights it’s a Turkey shoot

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