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Braintree District Council

Sharing my review on Google which I posted at the time my grandad got home.

Posting on behalf of my Grandad.
Where do I begin. Not sure how this care home is allowed to offer the appalling service they offer but please don't make the same mistake we did. They certainly have no right to put 'care' in their title as there was none.

Firstly I am thankful we only put my grandad in the home for 2 weeks, this was only due to my nan moving to the area and having work done on their property. Due to grandads dementia, parkinsons and whole host of other issues he had to be in a care home. You're only allowed 2 x 30mins visits per week and I reckon this is so you don't pick up on all of the issues.

So let's get into the issues. First visit, nan arrived to find grandad in trousers that were 3 sizes too small, even though he had plenty of his own clothes. His catheter bag was full of bright orange urine, his lips were dry, cracked and stuck together and his tongue was grey through dehydration. Nan was absolutely devastated as she cares for him so well and didn't want to see him like this. I thought homes had a 'duty of care' but this was beyond neglect. Something as simple as giving him some juice was clearly too much to ask.

Thankfully he was only in there for 2 weeks and is now home. Upon checking him when he got home, he was extremely sore underneath, another sign of neglect.

I will be doing everything I can to ensure this home is looked into and if you have someone in there I would recommend that you visit to check on your relative/friend. As if it's not hard enough having to watch someone grow old with this horrible illness but to not be able to trust a home that is meant to look after people just for a short amount of time is beyond despicable.

The thing that made me laugh was that I wanted to put my review on a care home review website which listed this care home with good reviews. They made it so difficult to leave the review I had to give up and just leave it at the Google review.

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