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Bury Lancs

I have only just signed up to Twitter and came across your details whilst carrying out research into much needed help for my Mother’s care situation.

My Mother suffered 2 major Strokes May 2012 leaving her disabled with health issues including Dementia, where she has been denied my fully support for her to qualify for NHS Continuing Health Care funding - I don't know if you are aware of the NHS Continuing Health Care Scandal ( - which was denied a judicial hearing), where the elderly, disabled, ill, frail and vulnerable like my Mother have been denied vital health care due to loop-holes by officials more interested manipulating the system coz they can?.

My Mother has been passed on to social services to be forced to pay for inadequate care, not just to be financially abused, but where all professionals involved have repeatedly denied my Mother my full support which is financial abuse, abuse of position and power of a vulnerable adult under their care (I have tried many times to put in official Complaints; result, stonewalling me).

I have tried non-stop since 2012 to find the right help to redress/rectify lots of human rights issues all professionals involved have caused (and been sent round and round and round in circles); including them all lying that my own Mother does not want me involved in her care which has exaserbated my Mother's health massively. My own health has suffered as a result of the years of emotional abuse my Mother has been subjected to – where our faith and confidence in those in positions of power and trust have repeatedly failed my very ill Mother. Further info:

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