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In my experience the care industry is riddled with not care and corruption so you have to search hard to find a home that truly does care.

Its all about the leadership, if its good from the top down then the home and staff attitude will reflect that.

However CQC, Safeguarding, the CCG, the Courts are all in cahoots. Corrupt Judges will work with lawyers to simply over-ride families concerns and deny the most vulnerable their human rights without a 2nd thought.

Once you have seen the darkside of how it all works you can't unsee it. GPs, Psychiatrists, Nurses are all in the pay of those who dont give a hoot about your loved ones care and protection. They are indoctrinated to spout the narrative to ensure the Govt's plan to eradicate useless eaters continues on at pace. Even without Hancock and his Midazoslam murders at the helm its still ongoing. DNRs and the Liverpool care pathway (so-called) are bringing lives to an end prematurely every day. Its assisted suicide for many lonely old people. Absolutely heartless and shocking.

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