My mother's care home has been locked down since January bar 2 days recently.

This is inhuman as she needs to see her nearest and dearest.

When I question this I am just told that NHS England tells them what to do when anyone has tested positive for covid.

My Mam has had covid and all the vaccinations so is well protected.

I am allowed in as a caregiver but no one else is. A neg test is required before entry so how can we be a risk?

The infection is within the home so surely it is up to us if we want to risk visiting?

The mental health of the residents is a real worry now.

My Mam understands what is going on but says she would rather see family than be kept ultra safe at her time of life.

Those with dementia do not understand and get very distressed thinking their loved ones just don't care about them.

It is time these lockdowns were stopped.

We lost 3 family members in one week in January and her relatives were not allowed in to comfort her, that is cruel