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My mum, my dear old mum,
At the age of 95,
Broke two hips in as many months,
It’s a wonder she’s still alive.

Now she’s robust my dear old mum,
But she has this problem see,
Her memory isn’t what it was,
She’s not dementia free.

So the hospital ‘carers’ dump her,
Into the arms of a failing "home",
How they sleep at night beats me,
A place they wouldn’t send their own.

Now mum’s locked up on a landing,
Through no fault of her own,
She's been there now for a year,
She’ll never get parole.

I’m the only one fighting for her,
I’m damned if I’ll give in,
My siblings want to leave her there,
Oh God, Forgive their sin.

There’s a home just down the road you know,
With a whole downstairs that's free to roam,
An' all kinds going on,
And if you don’t want any of that,
You can pop outside, (you can get to the garden see.)

(Just like home.)
(Ah Mum loved the garden.)

Now I assume the home doesn’t want to lose her,
To them she’s worth a packet.
So they work between my siblings and me,
It’s a dirty soddin’ racket.

They’ve got social workers onside,
The local authority too,
I’m givin’ them all a run for their money,
But there’s only so much you can do.
And then you get a second breath,
Especially after seeing mum.
I think of what they've agreed for her
What they'd NEVER agree for their own!

They have to keep to rules you know,
Like BIM’s, the MCA, and Codes of Practice too.
I’m taking the pish of course,
They never flippin' do!

And so the fight has to go on,
Cos’ if there’s a God in heaven.
I want to look her in the eye,
And tell her I did my best for her -
(but she’ll know that by then).

And so I’ll finish off this rhyme,
With tears down my cheeks (really)
As recently mum said to me.
**At least we’ve got each other!*
(Try and deny us that 'professionals,
they never can, nor will!)

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