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Merseyside 2

My Dad who is 85 years old. Happy, content who enjoyed watching tv, listening to music, playing dominoes, birdwatching in his garden with his wife of 63 years.

This was until my Dad was admitted to hospital with a wheezy chest, following a nine day stay in respite organised by the Local Authorities. My poor Dad suffered under NHS care with a DNAR , DOLS and safeguarding was placed on Dad. I only discovered this by looking through Dads medical notes on his bedside.

Dad was being treated for aspiration pneumonia. After discovering my Dad was Nil by Mouth for days and drugged up on lorazepam I wanted my dad discharged , but the hospital kept saying my Dad was too poorly.

I instructed a solicitor to help get my Dad home safely before anything happened to him , as Dad was a healthy 11 1/2 stone man. Despite Dad being in the early stages of Dementia he still loved a laugh and joke and little weekends away with his wife and myself his oldest daughter.

The solicitor had written to the Social services to get a best Interest meeting for my Dad. This was done with the dietician , psychiatrist, nurses and social worker who never had any of my Dad's best interests at heart what so ever - they don’t even know my dad. My mum was present and told us my Dad at EOL as he has advanced Dementia , which we strongly disagreed to. I discovered at this meeting that my Dad was Nil by Mouth for six day. The staff told us Dad wasn’t suitable for peg feed due to infection risk and Ng feed was impossible as my Dad was pulling this out. I said that you can’t let my dad starve to death , you have to do something. They agreed to feed at risk. My mum had to sign a consent form.

We continued visiting Dad on a COVID ward were all the patients were put on EOL drugs. It was harrowing to witness this , and horrendous that my Dad was begging to come home. I could not do anything to help as I didn’t hold LPA for my Dads welfare. This was truly upsetting as my Dads detainment was for a torturous ten week stay. During this time Dad's hearing aid was lost along with his dentures. Dad had lost over a stone in weight. The meetings were done by Social services and a MCA it was decided by them that my Dad could no longer return to his own home as he now needed 24 hour care , two to transfer & hoisting .

Both my Mum and I were very upset at this decision. I had hired a specialist bed for my Dad and made a separate bedroom up for Dad in the hope for his safe return. My Dad was placed in a selected care home of there choice. When we went to see Dad it was wonderful that he was out of his hospital gown and sat in a chair drinking a cup of tea ( all though it was thickened ). The carers were lovely , friendly and helpful , and we was told anytime visiting which was great.

A week later all that changed suddenly. We were told appointments only and this will be for half an hour only on a Friday or Saturday. I was pleased to see my Dad and very very surprised a week later my Dad was up on his feet with his Zimmer frame heading to the toilet. I immediately took my mobile phone out to record my Dad. I asked one of the lovely carers how my dad was doing and she told me he’s great. I asked did my Dad need hoisting and two to transfer? She told me honesty No.

I rang the care home manager to request if I could bring my dad home to his wife for a few hours as he lived in a bungalow. "NO" was the abrupt answer. I asked politely what the problem was? The responses in a very angry voice was "You, You are the problem".

Since then I record all calls to the care home. I have been denied ECG status as this is for the LPA holder , ( even though we have applied for COP ) as my Dad made an LPA when he had dementia and frauded out of his savings by his attorneys.

The care home manager has put passwords in place so no information is shared to myself or my Mum. At one time a floor manger slammed the phone down on my mum when she couldn’t give her a password. ( all recorded )

The care home was on lockdown from 28th December until 3rd Feb with no visiting, only ECG. My Dad was hospitalised during this lockdown with Covid pneumonia, a kidney injury for 10 days and my Dad has had a few falls in the care home. I raised safeguarding to the hospital in January that could they please discharge my dad to his own home were he would be safe. This was declined and Dad was transferred back into the care home. I rang my Dads GP for information on my Dad only to be told he’s no longer their patient. I discovered the care home have there own GPs.

My Dad has not been home since Sept 2021. My Dad has been illegally detained against his own free will for a period to date 25 weeks. I have recordings of my poor Dad begging he wants come home "take me now in your car, I’m fed up in here , I have no life , please get me out of here"

It’s heartbreaking, to watch and listen to these harrowing recordings , the care home manger and mangers along with local Authorities have a very callous disregard for the very vulnerable who they suppose to care for.

Prisoners have more rights that care home residents . It’s a shocking state of affairs.

We are still fighting for justice for both my parents who were financially abused , neglected , coerced and controlled by family members whom told authorities they were caring for their parents. This was done for nothing more than monetary gain.

And I'm still fighting for my Dad's freedom to his beloved wife and family who truly care for him.

To date 30th April 2022.

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