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I visited my dad 15th December 2021 in one of those horrible style prison pods. Pre-covid I visited him everyday. My dad had dementia.

On 15th December they brought my dad into the pod - he looked so poorly he couldn’t even lift his head. I asked for a nurse to come and see him in the pod as he was screaming at touch.

Nurse informed me they would get the GP to my dad. They called me that night saying the GP had Skype'd my dad and they were keeping a close eye on him. He was prone to UTIs and I asked if a swab had been done. The nurse informed me it was not possible as his pad was soiled, but assured it would be done ASAP.

Wednesday 16th AM - no swab as Dad was in bed which was very unusual for him.

Wednesday 16th PM - swab showed infection so antibiotics prescribed.

Thursday 17th Dad was still unwell.

Friday 18th Dad was still unwell. At this point I insisted an ambulance be called. Dad arrived at hospital dehydrated and delirium. It was confirmed as sepsis.

Dad died 3rd January 2022.

I have since discovered through disclosure from coroner that no Skype consultation was ever had, even though it is clearly written in care home notes. There are no such notes from the GP records.

If medical attention had of been sought, maybe I would still have my Dad.

He died in pain - 4 days he must of been left in his bed alone.

Things must change.

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