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Reigate & Banstead

My mum kept getting hurt in the home on the dementia floor and what my mum was coming out with was disturbing to hear.

The home kept saying how she was getting hurt was unseen. I then walked into my mum's room and saw a male carer who was bent down by her bed & made a quick exit. I noticed my mum was petrified & shaking, clinging to my girlfriend's arm. Don't leave me.

I emailed the head of dementia requesting a meeting and never got a reply. Bought this up with the manager & deputy, took into 3rd month to get a reply back.

I decided to install a hidden camera & was horrified what had been recorded. This has taken a toll on my mum.

The manager & deputy manager always try to cover up what's going on & alter the truth. The management doesn't reply to or open their emails months from when you send them.

Problems with Dehydration/Meds/Hospital visits not arranged correctly.

Bad food, fish & meat on the same dish. My mum was going yellow in the face, found on social media photo and they didn’t even tell us!

CQC Report:

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