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St Helen's Merseyside

My Dad was a very hard worker from a working class family , he worked really hard to support his family of four and his wife who also worked just as hard to build their future and home together.
During COVID lockdown both parents health declined , my mum noticed more that my Dads memory not that good and asked could I refer Dad over to LLAMS team , my mum was suffering both mentally and physically with the restrictions , which caused her to be run down and mum ended up with pneumonia which led to mum being hospitalised for five days .
During this period of time the older step sister offered to help support my parents as she was furloughed from her full time job .
I took this opportunity as we very rarely had contact with my mum’s daughter.,
But unbeknown to myself whilst supposedly supporting my vulnerable parents she coerced them both into changing there wills and LPAs .
And causing so much havoc by making false allegations to social services and the police about myself .
I instructed a solicitor to help safeguard my parents as I was purposely kept away from my parents whom I was extremely close to .,During the nine months being kept away the oldest daughter had stolen £55k telling the authorities that she was building an extension to let my parents live with her & her partner . My safeguarding concerns were all ignored by local authorities, as my concerns increased as both parents were hospitalised within days of each other , mum had a badly fractured femur , my Dad was admitted three days later with an head injury / poss stroke spending a month under NHS care . Passwords were put in place so no information was shared and safeguarding against myself .
I discovered whilst my parents lay in hospital there home of 40 years was put on the market .
November 2020 my Mum had no idea that her & Dads home was in the process of being gifted to the younger daughter for an under market value .
My parents stayed just three weeks in the recently built extension and then was sent back to their own home .
After thousands spent on solicitor fees and Ten witness statements sent to St Helen’s legal Team all to be acknowledged but ignored , I had no option but to personally check on my parents welfare as I had information that all care , Careline , cleaners etc were cancelled ..
March 2021 when I eventually got to see my parents I was in total shock at the state my parents were left in , mum had lost 1 1/2 stone , a grade 2 pressure sore , dehydrated , limping in pain from fractured femur .
My Dad was dehydrated, with severe dry skin and no diabetic foot care .
My Dads Dementia had declined further due to lack of stimulation.
My mum had no follow up appointments for her leg which was causing her so much pain and discomfort, finally after several X-rays ., my mum was admitted to Hospital for corrective surgery , meanwhile I could not support my Dad in his own home whilst my mum who was profoundly deaf. Awaited for her surgery .
I requested for social services to refer my Dad for Respite for a week , I was disappointed that the same social worker who covered serious Domestic abuse was still allowed to act for my parents.,
The care home was situated five minutes from the hospital my mum was in , I was not allowed to visit my Dad for the first week , but Dad could manage his mobile phone he had , and ring me anytime .
Day 9 I visited my Dad who was unhappy , I assured my Dad he would be home very soon .
Day 10 late evening I received a call at 11pm in distress saying that they have done something to him and took him in a lift . The carer took the mobile and assured me that my Dad was confused . I knew that it was past Dads bedtime , he was very routine and he sounded in distress ..
I was worried and contemplating collecting Dad from this care home the following day .
The very next morning 6am I received a call from the care home to say my Dad was wheezy and an ambulance been called , I told the care home that my Dad wasn’t wheezy the night before .,
I went to A&E we’re my Dad was left he was clinically dehydrated, his skin and mouth so parched , he had no glasses , dentures, hearing aids , regular medications or inhalers .My Dad was given no fluids , no oxygen or nebulisers.
I stayed with my Dad most of the day until early evening to hydrate my Dad . I was told my Dad would be admitted and they couldn’t make there minds up what Dad was being treated for .,
I made sure my Dad had access to fluids and a buzzer he was comfortable and had all his aids .
Later that evening I rang the hospital to find out which ward Dad would be going for the following days visiting , but was told my Dad still in A&E, I rang A&E but no reply , so decided to drive to the hospital to check on my Dad as he had been there 17 hours . I arrived on that unit only to be told my Dad no longer there , I asked could she find out we’re my Dad had been transferred to , as the nurse went off I went to the last place my Dad was in a cubicle , the door was closed , I peeped through and my poor Dad hanging out the bed shouting for help and to get him out of there , he had no access to fluids or a buzzer the side tables had been moved out of reach .,
I immediately got a wheelchair and removed my Dad for his own best interest and safety . Following me onto the car park threatening me with the police .
Having got my Dad home safely and he was very happy and relived to be home , I got my Dad antibiotics and hydrated him , for the next three days frailty nurses , social workers , police were after my Dad , I was worried and conceded as to what was given to my Dad in the care home as his lungs was full of fluid and his memory was wiped out , having no recollection of the care home or A&E , even showing photos, my Dad had complete memory loss .
My concerns with the fluid on my Dads lungs left me no other option but to take my Dad to a different hospital Wigan infirmary were my Dad was treated very well with nebulisers , oxygen , given food & drinks , unfortunately Dad was admitted with aspiration pneumonia, I was told. DNR would be put on him , I left my Dad thinking he was now going to be treated and then discharged , but the nightmare went worse a Dols was put on my Dad and safeguarding against myself ,Dad was left bedridden for 10 weeks , no oral health or hygiene , he was left NBM 9 days , he was on what I can only describe as death row as all around were on syringe drivers . I instructed a solicitor as no way my Dad was at the stage of EOL which the social worker had told us at a Best Interest meeting we had to ask for as my Dad was declining so much mentally & physically as he was also given lorazepam which was making Dad far worse , a MCA was done and we was told Dads Dementia had accelerated and now he needs 24 hour care , two to transfer and hosting and that a list of care homes would be sent to us . Reviews were important ( or so thought )
As soon as my Dad arrived at the care home it was good to see he could stand using zimmer & transfer on his own .
We thought a week or two after dad had put a bit more weight on that he would be home to his own adapted bungalow , but a few weeks into Dads transfer to what we thought was a nice care home turned out very much the opposite . We was informed that the home would be on lockdown and strict no visiting from December until February, we found out that the lPA holder was allowed to visit my Dad even though she had frauded both parents, this made my poor mum so upset , as we tried to get Dad back home the lPA holder due to sheer spite kept my Dad in this care home we’re he had several falls , Dad was hospitalised with severe dehydration causing a kidney injury , he spent 10 days there on a covid ward were strangely enough I could visit anytime . We tried to get Dad safely discharged from the hospital but was told he would go to a step down bed at the care home .
The visiting restrictions were still in place half an hour only on Friday or Saturday was told first come first served .
As the court of protection was pending the heartache my mum was feeling what her two daughters had done to her and the power the older daughter had over her husband of 65 years , all this was too much too bare and my mum passed away in June broken hearted .
I carried in visiting my Poor Dad who was still begging to come home and take him out in your cat , it broke my heart every visit .
A hearing date for the COP was set 21st Nov which would be one year Dad had been detained against our wishes .
Sept i visited my Dad always with a witness only to find him in bed 4;30 pm in pain , unable to retract his legs , no bumpers to avoid head injury , his legs were now horrific with a raging red raw rash that Dad itched until he bled . I emailed the care home with my concerns who replied the lPA holder is aware of this , that then made made me email social worker with my concerns , the very next day an email from the care home manager emailed to say I was banned from
Visiting my Dad , saying this was the LPAs decision.
Unbeknown to me my Dad was placed on EOL pathway just three weeks before a court of protection hearing . . My Dad predictably passed away with no protection leaving the lPA holder to arrange his funeral which again went against his wishes and he was buried apart from his wife .
I cannot believe how corrupt and biased the system is from social services , OPG , COP ,Police , NHS , CQC , PALS , local authorities , care home providers all protect each other and not the patient / Resident. There is no transparency with any of these organisations.
We are going backwards in social care for the vulnerable in UK .

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