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I could never have imagined that someone placed in a specialist nursing home would be treated how my mother in law was in her nursing home.

After being locked out for almost a year we managed to access back in to visit my mother in law and were horrified to find she had been badly neglected in our absence. She had lost 27kg and was covered in deep pressure sores. Worse still when we asked about pain relief we were sickened to learn that for much of the time she had only been given two paracetamol for pain.

As we looked closer into what had been going on in our absence we discovered significant failings in her care provision and we knew we had to remove her from the home for her own safety.

We raised safeguarding concerns with the Local Authority and reported the home to both the police and CQC for wilful neglect. However a year later we are still pursuing all authorities to obtain justice for my mother in law and hold those responsible for my mother in laws care to account for the failings in her care.

I am shocked to have connected with so many families with similarly worrying and horrific cases and am saddened by the state of our current care home system.

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