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My 83 year old father suffered a massive stroke in October 2019.
He was left severely disabled and there was no alternative other than a care home. I chose a care home near to me so I could visit every day, a decision that I deeply regret. He was only in the care home six days.

He had a specialist chair with a seat belt because in his mind he thought that he could still walk, drive a car etc. He was taken into the bathroom because the carer needed him to give a water sample, she 'forgot' to put the seat belt across him, he was paralysed completely down his left side and after being left for over 10 minutes and ignored when he shouted he tried to stand and fell, he suffered two seizures and a bleed on the brain. He died five weeks later.

The manager of the care home told blatant lies to the paramedics and the hospital. The paramedics reported the care home. The manager has since been moved on.

I posted a review on UK Care Homes and was told that they would not use my review because it was detrimental to the home and would put people off going there! My poor father was seriously injured due to their neglect and I will never forgive myself for letting him go there.

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